Bulgarian Opera Myth
The Three Bassos, The Three Sopranos

By Magdalena Manolova
April 2005
Bulgarian Bestseller - National Museum of Bulgarian Books & Polygraphy
ISBN: 9549308626
168 pages, Illustrated, 8" x 10 "
$72.50 Hardcover

Renaissance people tried to revive the antique drama. That is how "drama per musica" or the opera was born. Singing instead of reciting seemed absurd to the British and the French. Nevertheless, the opera passion conquered Europe. Even Voltaire admitted: "the opera is the most beautiful monster, to which, if you fall in love with it, you remain true till the end of your life."

Opera lovers believe in this beautiful myth to this day. Maybe because it is a microcosm of emotions; it brings to life great feelings, of love, self-sacrifice, friendship, sense of duty. Contents include: Boris Christoff - the legend, Nikolai Ghiaurov - the unsurpassable King Philip II, Nikola Ghiuzelev - the voice that paints, Raina Kabaivanska - the great tragic opera singer and born prima-donna, Anna Tomowa-Sintow - the prima-donna with heart and the Mozart and Strauss icon, Ghena Dimitrova - a voice born once in a century, Bibliography.

Opera; Theater

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