Guide Book, 2nd Edition

By Evgheniy Dinchev & Alexander Iliev
November 2002
Alexander Tour / Tangra TanNakRa Publishing
ISBN: 954-9942-35-X
384 pages, illustrated
$67.50 paper original

Would you believe it: small Bulgaria offers unlimited and incredible opportunities for tourism. The present guide-the first of this kind-reveals the most important details of the natural, cultural and historical landmarks of Bulgaria. It includes an authoritative insight into more than 100 towns, seaside and mountain resorts in Bulgaria, which are of interest for both domestic and international tourism, as well as practical information and maps for tourism establishments such as hotels, motels, chalets, campgrounds, restaurants, entertainment centers, transportation and the most attractive sights. The intention throughout has been to provide the information you need before you go to Bulgaria, in addition to being useful any time during your stay.

Travel; Bulgaria

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