Bulgaria In the European Cartographic
Concepts until XIX Century

By Atanas Orachev
April 2005
Borina Publishing House
ISBN: 9545001356
143 pages, Illustrated, 8" x 10 "
$115.00 Hardcover

Old European possess an important but not yet properly assessed value: through them one can grasp the logic in the thousand-year old development of the European concepts of Bulgaria set in a Balkan perspective. These concepts are many layered, often ambiguous, and raising disputable issues. In them, one can find - as in everything that is a product of the human mind - irrationalities; mistakes are not very frequent, too. But above all a single fact prevails; on these maps, though of varying borders, it was Bulgaria that was drawn and outlined. Even for those periods of time, when she had happened to lose her political independence.


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