An Illustrated History

By Bojidar Dimitrov
February 1994
Borina Publishing House
ISBN: 954-500-091-0
224 pages, Illustrated, 8 5/8 x 12"
$161.50 paper original

More than 100 color plates offer a beautiful history of this country in a book whose narrative traces events from the Thracians through the cultural period from 1878 to 1944.

Topics include: Rome. The Bulgars. Life, Economy, Culture & Social Organization. Foundation of the Bulgarian State. To the South of the Danube. Consolidation. European Political Super Power 7th to 9th centuries. Centralized Monarchy. Christianity. Bulgarian Script. Under Byzantine Rule. The Balkan Peninsula. Medieval Times. Ottoman Conquest. Liberation. Wars for Unification 1912-1918. Post-War Crisis 1918-1925. Bourgeois Democracy & Fascism. WWII. Color plates show architecture, coins, people, pottery, paintings, and religious icons.


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