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Buddhist Divinities

By Puspa Niyogi
September 2001
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 81-215-0913-0
216 pages, illustrated (92 black & white illustrations)
$67.50 hardcover

This book is a thoughtful contribution to the history of Buddhism comprising both history of religion and art. It presents a systematic account of many renowned scholars of Buddhist religion, philosophy and literature who worked and studied in the monastic universities of Bengal and Bihar. These scholars contributed most to the history of the religion, and for this they received great respect. Besides these deified historisal personages, a detailed list is made of Buddhist gods and goddesses (on the basis of images discovered), both major and minor with their symbols, attributes, characteristics, and iconographical details, with the hope that it may help to give a broad and general idea of the pecularities of Buddhism which were developing in some of its later phases.