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Biotic Type Antioxidants
The Prospective Search Area for Novel Chemical Drugs

By E.A. Parfenov & G.E. Zaikov
December 2000
ISBN: 90-6764-308-4
574 Pages, Illustrated
$287.50 hardcover

CHAPTER 1. REDUCTONES AS A VARIETY OF ANTIOXIDANTS OF THE BIOTIC TYPE : Introduction , Natural reductones, Asorbic acid (AA) , Coumarin reductones of the aliphatic type, Polyphenoles of vegetable and animal origin ,Other heterocyclic compounds
CHAPTER 2. ANTITUMOUR POTENTIAL OF SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE MODEL: The notion of superoxide dismutase models ,Superoxide dismutase and cancer , SOD models and cancer , Copper metabolism and oncological diseases , Antitumour effect of inorganic copper salts The search for antitumour agents among complex copper compounds , Salicylate SOD models , Other carboxylate SOD models , Amino acid and peptide SOD models , Other types of SOD models , Stable SOD models , The search for effective chelators , Concept of iron chelators Principles of SOD model design , Molecular mechanisms of the SPD model antitumour effects , SOD models as anticarcinogenes ,SOD models as antitumour agents , Prooxidant activity of SOD models , Mechanisms of physiological compatibility of SOD models Is a universal antioxidant possible?
CHAPTER 3. HOW TO TRANSFORM AVAILABLE KNOWLEDGE INTO SPECIFIC ELABORATIONS : Raw material sources and technological scheme , Estimation of the possibilities of the technological scheme suggested by the assortment of products ,Conclusion Subject index , List of abbreviations.

Pharmacology; Chemistry