Bhartrihari's Satakatrayam, New Edition
With the Oldest Commentary of Jain Scholar Dhanasaragani
With Principal Variants From Many Manuscripts, Etc.
[In Sanskrit with English Preface]

Edited by D.D. Kosambi
Feburary 2002
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 81-215-1034-1
252 pages
$37.50 hardcover

The project to reprint D.D. Kosambi's unsurpassed works on Bhartrihari's Satakatrayam, the result of his extended editorial, critical, analytical and exegetical endeavors, is systematically continued in this reprint. Following his critical edition of the Satakatraya itself in 2000, this edition of the epigrams together with the oldest available commentary is no doubt another must have for all sahrdayas.

About the author:
D.D. Kosambi (1907-66) was best known as a mathematician but was endowed with a truly Renaissance versatility. His foruma for chromosome distance occupies a central place in classical genetics. His work on coins make the numismatics of hoards into an exact science. An unrivalled collection of microliths, the discovery of a Brahmi inscription at Karle and of a remarkable number megaliths with lock-engraving form substantial contributions to archaeology.

Sanskrit; Literature

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