Beyond Empiricism on Criterea
for Educational Research

Edited By Paul Smeyers & Marc Depaepe
December 2003
Leuven University Press
ISBN: 90-5867-325-1
269 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9"


Contents include: "Educational research as a social discourse," "Six stories in search of a character? 'The Philosopher' in an educational research group," "The importance of new technologies in promoting collaborative educational research," "Constructing the Eden of our earthly existence. Empiricism and the history of educational research in Belgium before the second World War," "From colonialism to globalization: performativity in New Zealand education," "Educational research as a discursive practice," "Journals and the making of experts and educational knowledge. Exploring a Portuguese pedagogical journal (1921-1932),"

"From schools of thinking to genres of writing. New roles for philosophy of education," "The disciplinary terrains of soul and self-government in the first map of the educational sciences (1879-1911)," "Educational research and constituting the American School at the turn of the 20th century," "Research and revelation: What really works?" "Ideas in their historical context: The case of German 'Geisteswissenschaftliche Padagogik' as a national grammar," "Educational research: Epistemological Issues," "Self-understanding and self-determination: An unfamiliar look at the philosophy of education," "The concept of truth in educational theory," "Experiencing knowledge: Some philosophical insights for educational research,"

"Wittgenstein and Cavell: Reappraising skepticism in educational theory," "Causality and (in-)determinism in educational research," "Educational Research: Ethical Considerations," "Theorizing educational practices: the Politico-ethical choices," "Personal autonomy, authenticity and the intrinsic valuation of nature," "Equal recognition: Identity politics and the idea of a social science," "Ethical problems of community in educational research."

Education; Philosophy
Studia Paedagogica No. 34

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