Automation of Car Driving
Exploring societal impacts & conditions

Edited by Rob van der Heijden & Marion Wiethoff
December 2000
Delft University Press
ISBN: 90-407-2028-2
252 pages, illustrated
$63.00 paper original

This book explores the societal impacts and conditions of electronic driver support systems in car traffic, presenting some of the findings of the Technology Assessment on Automated Vehicle Guidance program's research in this area from different perspectives. This book does not contain the final answers to the many questions related to the immense complex issue of societal conditions and impacts, but is an intermediate evaluation of research progress. Contents include: Introduction to the research challenges. Traffic flow analyses. Capacity impacts of automated driving: modeling and scenario analyses. Liability aspects of driver support systems. Impact of automation on infrastructure design. Research challenges for the future.

TRAIL Studies in Transportation Science

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