Atlas of the Distribution of
the Butterflies in Bulgaria
(Lepidoptera: Hesperioidea & Papilionoidea)

By Stanislav P. Abadjiev
June 2001
ISBN: 9546421367
335 pages, illustrated
$79.50 hardcover

The book presents in a consistent form all known published and field research information concerning the distribution of the Bulgarian butterflies (216 species), covering the period of 1863-2000. A cartographic system based on UTM grid has been used for the presentation of species distribution. The species data comprise UTM grid reference, locality and source. The species of nature conservation concern have also been indicated. Maps and data presented in the atlas allow quick and easy analysis of the type and structure of the species ranges and the current level of research. This information may help in the future selection of the species and areas for protection, serve as a basis for monitoring of the endangered species, and should enable evaluation of the areas in terms of faunal richness.

Zoocartographia Balcanica, Vol. 1

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