Asymptotics in Statistics & Probability
Papers in Honor of George Gregory Roussas

Edited by M.L. Puri
June 2000
ISBN: 90-6764-333-5
440 pages, illustrated
$347.50 paper original

George Gregory Roussas: Biographical Sketch
REACT Trend Estimation in Correlated Noise - Rudolf Beran
Higher Order Analysis at Lebesgue Points - A. Berlinet and S. Levallois
Regression Analysis for Multivariate Failure Time Observations - T. Cai and L.J. Wei
Local Estimation of a Biometric Function with Covariate Effects - Zongwu Cai and Lianfen Qian
The Estimation of Conditional Densities - X. Chen, O. Linton and P.M. Robinson
Functional Limit Theorems for Induced Order Statistics of a Sample from a Domain Stable Law - Yu. Davydov and V. Egorov
Limit Laws for Kernel Density Estimators for Kernels with Unbounded Supports Paul Deheuvels Inequalities for a New Data-Based Method for Selecting Nonparametric Density Estimates - Luc Devroye, Gábor Lugosi and Frederic Udina
Fuzzy Stochastics - C.A. Drossos, G. Markakis and P.L. Theodoropoulos
Detecting Jumps in Nonparametric Regression - Ch. Dubowik and U. Stadtmüller
Some Recent Results on Inference Based on Spacing - Kaushik Ghosh and S. Rao Jammalamadaka
Extending Correlation and Regression from Multivariate to Functional Data - G. He, H.G. Müller and J.L. Wang

Mathematics, Statistics

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