Asia-Pacific's Security Dilemma
Multilateral Relations Amidst Political,
Social & Economic Changes

Edited By Abdul Razak Baginda & Anthony Bergin
December 1998
ASEAN Academic Press
ISBN: 1-901919-07-2
209 pages, 5 3/4" x 8 3/4"
$79.50 Hardcover

This book examines the broad changes sweeping the Asia-Pacific region by placing the multilateral relations between countries in the region amidst a host of political, economic and social changes. Potential ethnic and religious divisions, the impact of democratization and expanding civil liberties, generational shifts in national leadership and demographics are some of the more prominent matters. Will the economic growth that has been a feature of the region be stabilizing or destabilizing at the national and regional levels? Will economic interdependence be stabilizing? Will such interdependence lead to closer region-wide ties as envisioned in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation's open regionalism or will it instead lead to a more Asian-centric system of economic - and eventually perhaps political-economic - linkages. There is now debate as to whether the high rates of economic growth amongst Asian nations can be sustained. Some believe that the pessimists are more motivated by the hope that Asia will not succeed and overtake Europe. Nevertheless, Krugman's argument that growth rates are likely to slow down significantly and plateau at lower levels warrants consideration. Recent high Asian growth rates have resulted, like rapid soviet growth in the 1950's, through dramatic increases in investment, education and population in the workforce, not from increased economic efficiency. A slower growth rate could impact on political relations both within and without the region.

Politics; Economics

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