America & the Bulgarians
Till the Constituent Assembly of 1879

By Stoyan Raichevsky
Translated From the Bulgarian By Maya Pencheva & Todor Shopov
December 2003
Bulgarian Bestseller - National Museum of Bulgarian Books & Polygraphy
ISBN: 954-9308-11-1
260 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$82.50 Paper Original

Contents include: Introduction, Bulgarians through the eyes of the Americans, First knowledge about the history of America, First translations of American writers, American Statesmen, advocates of freedom in Bulgarian press, America in the political columns of Bulgarian press, First correspondences about America, sent by Bulgarians, The World Exposition in , American educational institutions, Long's contribution to the history of Bulgarians, Polemic with the Protestants, In defense of the Bulgarians after the uprising of 1876, Lessons in the organization of a free state, Message to the first Bulgarian Parliament.


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