Air Transport Liberalisation in the
European Community 1987-1992

A Case of Integration

By Robin Travis
September 2001
Uppsala University Press
ISBN: 91-544-5041-5
181 pages, illustrated
$46.50 paper original

Commercial aviation in the European Community was regulated by a system based on bilateral negotiations until the late 1980s. Regulation ensured that airlines did not compete. The lack of competition conflicted with the aim of the Treaty of Rome of having a common economic market. The regulatory system which governed aviation within the EC had, by 1993, been replaced by a Single Market for aviation. The United Kingdom in an alliance with the European Commission took the lead in seeking to liberalize the system. The objective of this Ph.D. thesis is to examine the mechanisms through which liberalization was achieved.

European Studies
Skrifter utgivna av Statsvetenskapliga föreningen i Uppsala, No. 145

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