Agreement with Collective
Nouns in English

By: Magnus Levin
December 2001
Lund University
ISBN: 91-974023-2-X
180 pages, 6 1/8 x 8 "
$54.50 paper original

Partial contents: Definitions of collective noun. Agreement. Regional & stylistic variation. Collective nouns in the history of the English language. A corpus-based study. Variation between varieties, media & genres. Relative pronouns. Speech & writing. Newspaper genres. Context-governed speech & conversation. Syntactic factors: distance, boundaries, attraction, Agreement of Hierarchy, shifts in agreement, determiners. Semantic & lexical factors: animacy & agreement; patterns of individual nouns; semantic influence of the verb phrase. Summary. References. Index.

Language Studies
Lund Studies in English, No. 103

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