Advances in the Systematics of Diplopoda III
ZooKeys, No. 72

Edited By: Sergei I. Golovatch & Robert Mesibov
December 2010
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789546425690
68 pages, Illustrated
$48.50 Paper original

The present special issue contains two richly illustrated papers on the taxonomy and distribution of Asian Paradoxosomatidae, one of the largest families in the millipede order Polydesmida. The first contribution is a revision of the genus Aponedyopus which is obviously endemic to Taiwan and encompasses three species, including two new. The second paper provides a taxonomic review of Tylopus, a large, basically Southeast Asian genus which currently contains 41 species, all keyed, mapped, and mostly restricted to Thailand whence another five new species are being described.


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