Attack & Other Papers

By R.H. Tawney
Foreword by Tony Benn
December 1981, revision of the 1953 addition
Spokesman Books
ISBN: 0-85124-312-6
194 pages[cover]
$19.50 paper original

R.H. Tawney was a major figure in the development of English socialist thought, as may be attested by the hordes of body-snatchers who have claimed his posthumous allegiance. This collection of essays, long out of print, serves to reveal the true Tawney, fiercely radical, hard-headed, and determined upon a relentless struggle for equality, democracy in industry and human fellowship overall. Here may be found his vigorous polemics against the MacDonald betrayal, his passionate attacks upon privilege and the House of Lords, and his insistent commitment to a thorough-going socialism.

Socialism; History
Socialist Classics, No. 3

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