Atlas of the Cerambycidae of Europe
& the Mediterranean Area
Volume 1: Northern, Western, Central
& Eastern Europe, British Isles & Continental
Europe from France (excl. Corsica) to Scandinavia & Urals

By Gianfranco Sama
December 2002
Kabourek Publishers
ISBN: 80-86447-07-3
173 pages, Illustrated - Over 800 color photographs of species, 8 1/2" x 12"
$343.50 Hardcover in Slipcase

The aim of this project on European and Mediterranean Cerambycidae is to provide both professional and amateur entomologists with a tool to help in the recognition of this important group of phytophagous insects. The following information is provided for each species: range, biology, host plants and flight period. Where necessary, the following paragraphs are also given: "Remarks", where nomenclatural and taxonomic problems or changes are discussed; "Variability", where the main infraspecific variations are briefly discussed, including sexual dimorphism when important for identification; Type material", where a short description of lectotype and/or paralectotype is provided when designated in the present volume. Original keys are presented to facilitate identification of western Palaearctic species of some genera. Three new taxa are described, lectotypes and paralectotypes are designated for eight taxa, and 13 new synonymes are proposed. One or more photographs are provided for each species: usually a typical male, sometimes both sexes if distinctly and significantly dimorphic, or the most important forms of polymorphic species.


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