Atlas of the Geographic Distribution
of the Arvicoline Rodents of the World
(Rodentia, Muridae: Arvicolinae)

By Georgy I. Shenbrot & Boris R. Krasnov
December 2005
ISBN: 9546422436
336 pages, Illustrated, 6 ¾” x 9 ½”
$199.50 Hardcover

Any living organism is distributed someplace. Lots of information on species records are scattered in publications and museum catalogues, but only a few taxa have merited enough attention for a compilation of the available data on their geographic distribution. This book is aimed to fill in this gap for the species of the rodent subfamily Arvicolinae. It represents an atlas of the global distribution of all 139 arvicoline species. Distribution maps are compiled from records from the literature and museum catalogues.

A map for each species is presented as both record points and a polygon of a predicted distribution. The record points were geo-referenced while the polygons of predicted distributions were constructed using the GARP algorithm. The book provides a list of distributional data for the subspecies as well as taxonomic notes and references. The volume is addressed to specialists in mammalogy, taxonomists, biogeographers and conservationists. It will be of use to any zoological library. CONTENTS: Introductory remarks. Methodological remarks. An annotated checklist of Arvicolinae of the world. Species Maps. Index of Latin names.


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