Aristotle's Zoology & its
Renaissance Commentators

By Stefano Perfetti
December 2000
Leuven University Press
ISBN: 90-5867-050-3
258 Pages
$88.00 hardcover

The book deals with the growing renewal of interest in Aristotle's zoological writings. It covers eight decades of commentary, from 1521 through 1601. Through the study of 10 scholars, the author investigates a cross section of the history of Aristotelianism in detail and enters the heart of university exegesis techniques practiced in the 16th Century. The chapter are: Scholastic Architecture & Humanistic Philology; A New Exegetic Tradition; and Discourses on the Soul and the Methods. Conclusion. Bibliography. Indexes.

Philosophy; History of Science
Ancient & Medieval Philosophy, Series I, XXVII

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