Approaching English
Language Research

By Desmond Allison
December 2001
Singapore University Press
ISBN: 9971-69-258-9
282 pages
$36.50 paper original

This book is designed to help students and other interested readers approach research in English Language studies. Its concerns include project, dissertation and thesis research and writing. The book can serve as a course text or for self-study, especially in contexts where people are preparing for postgraduate research or advanced undergraduate work.

In this book, the author sets out some of the major issues in English Language research and suggests where to look for more information and ideas, including the appendices, glossary and further reading information in this volume.

Exercises in the text add other practical ways of engaging with research design and reporting issues. There are also guidelines on research planning and proposal writing, reading and reviewing other research, and reporting research in publishable articles and academic dissertations.

Language Studies

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