Approximation Theory
A Volume Dedicated to Borislav Bojanov

Edited By D.L. Dimitrov, et al.
December 2004
Marin Drinov Publishing House of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
ISBN: 9543220387
353 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$162.50 Hardcover

This volume is dedicated to the sixtieth anniversary of Professor Borislav Bojanov. It is a collection of twenty-one papers, written by highly respected colleagues and friends as well as by some of his former students.

Contents include: On Jackson's Inequalities for Approximations in L2 of Periodic Functions by Trigonometric Polynomials and of Functions on the Line by Entire Functions; The Olovyanishnikov Inequality for Multivariate Functions; Bernstein-Durrmeyer Type Quasi-Interpolants on Intervals; Adaptive Approximation of Curves; An Efficient Definition of the Divided Difference; Extended Cubature Formula of Turan Type (0,2) for the Ball, The Multivariate Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, Bezout's Theorem and Nullstellensatz, Canonical Point Sets for Best One-Sided L1-Approximation by Quasi-Blending Functions, A Characterization Theorem for the K-functional for Kantorovich and Durrmeyer Operators, Some Error Estimates in Learning Theory, B-Spaces and their Characterization via Anistropic Franklin Bases; On Optimal Recovery of Heat Equation Solutions; Markov's Inequalities in Integral Norm for Oscillating Weighted Polynomials; Standard and non-standard quadratures of Gaussian Type; Inequalities for Real-Root Polynomials; On Smooth Interpolation; Thoughts over the Smale's Mean Value Conjecture; Twelve Proofs of the Markov Inequality; New Technique for Error Analysis of Finite Element Approximations of Parabolic Problems with Non-Smooth Initial Data; On Generalized Tractability for Multivariate Problems; On Polynomial Interpolation on the Unit Ball.

Biotechnology; Math

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