The Extreme South
[In English & Bulgarian]

By Christo Pimpirev & Nicky Davidov
Translated from Bulgarian by Donka Teneva
March 2003
St. Kilment Ohridski University Press
ISBN: 954-07-1760-4
60 pages, Illustrated, 9 1/2" x 9"
$50.50 Hardcover


Far, far away, so far to the South, where the point of the compass shows only North, a fantastic land lays under the sky. There cosmic cold and hurricane winds reign, along with fairy scenes of colors provoked by the play of the sun rays with the endless snow fields. Ice sculptures rise high as if chiseled by the hand of an invisible enchantress. Magic reigns over this furthermost southern continent called Antarctica. For a long period of time has it been a challenge for the human spirit that has dared not only to conquer and know it, but has also preserved its beauty for the future generations - a beauty spreading over one tenth of the surface of our planet.

Geology; Biology
The Spokesman No. 77

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