Animated Clay
Artistic Ceramics in the Bulgarian Lands

By Dimiter Ovcharov
July 2005
Bulgarian Bestseller
ISBN: 9549308820
102 pages, Illustrated, 7 " x 10 "
$52.50 Paper Original

A widely spread conviction is that the artistic-historical valuables can be made only of precious or costly materials: gold, silver, precious stones, glass, etc. Therefore, a bit paradoxically, a very important place in the history of human culture is occupied by products made of perhaps the most elementary, but most widely spread material - earth.

More specifically, this part of it that is formed of loamy minerals and bears the general name of clay, which has specific plasticity. Contents include: Seed is Sawn in the Earth, Spirit in the Clay, Prehistoric Ceramics, Ancient Greek Painted Ceramics, The Painted Ceramics of Veliki Preslav, Sgraffito Ceramics of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, Clay, Which has Gone Through Fire, Is Eternal!


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