Ancient Indian Ports

By Sharad Hebalkar
November 2001
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 81-215-0858-4
175 pages, illustrated
$44.50 hardcover

Ancient Indian Ports is a valuable and authentic contribution to the marine history of ancient India. For the first time, the splendid marine culture of the coastal region of Maharashtra is revealed from the third millennium B.C. onward, with its characteristics such as the settlement of the people whose life depending on the sea, their shipbuilding activities, the overseas trade, and their adventures of long distance sailing.

Preface. Introduction and Survey of Sources. Geography of the Region. Prehistory and Protohistory. Historical Period. Sociology of Ports. Description of Ports and Some Inland Trading Centers. Epilogue. Appendices. Bibliography. Index. Includes seven maps, and twenty-three black & white illustrations

Ancient India; History

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