Time to Speak

Controversial Essays That Can Change Your Life


By Martin Stern
April 2010
Devora Publishing
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9781936068159
274 pages, Illustrated
$19.95 Paper original

Controversial, thought provoking and provocative are some of the words used to describe Martin Stern's A Time to Speak. The author doesn't mince words with those who seek to dilute the beauty that Judaism has to offer. You may agree or disagree vehemently about any number of topics he discusses, such as the terrible repercussions that have occurred because of a lack of decorum in the synagogue; the correct response to the missionary menace; how to avoid being overly pious at other people's expense; or the importance and use of the major gematria systems. But one thing is certain: You won't be bored by the insights of this eclectic defense of Judaism.

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