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Anthromorphic Representations in Prehistoric Cyprus

Archaic Economy and Modern Society
Belonging to Others
Between Peace and Justice
Body and Space
Bonds and Boundaries in Northern Ghana and Southern Burkina Faso
Bridewealth, Women and Land
Building the Nation Back Up

Bulgarian Folk Costumes

Call for Protection: Situating Journalists in Post-Cold War Romania

Contributions to Circumpolar Studies

Diasporic Narratives of Sexuality
Identity Formation Among Iranian-Swedish Women

Ethnology of India
Eurocrats at Work: Negotiating Transparency in Postnational Employment Policy
Evolving Human & the Future World
Facets of Power and Its Limitations
Forces by Which We Live: Religion & Religious Experience
from the Perspective of a Pragmatic Philosophical Anthropology

History of Islamic Peoples
I am Tsunki: Gender & Shamanism among the Shuar of Western Amazonia

Intercultural Adaptation as a Dialogical Learning Process

Interdisciplinary Studies in Science, Technology, Philosophy and Culture

Iranun of Sabah: Language & Culture of an Endangered Minority in Sabah

Journal of Prehistoric Religion, Vol. XXII

Living with Bad Surroundings:
War & Existential Uncertainty in Acholiland, Northern Uganda

Making Ends Meet: Entrepreneurship in a Bangladeshi Village

Medical Pluralism & Lay Therapy Management in Kinshasa
Mobilising the Novel: The Literature of Imperialism and the First World War
Mythic Images & Shamanism: A Perspective on Kalevala Poetry
Myths of the North-East Frontier of India
Negotiating Wilderness in a Cultural Landscape:
Predators & Saami Reindeer Herding in the Laponian World Heritage Area

On Parade: Making Heritage in Lindsborg, Kansas
Only for You!: Brazilians & the Telenovela Flow
Paths to Adulthood: Freedom, Belonging and Temporalities in Mbunda Biographies from Western Zambia
Performance of Tradition:
An Ethnography of Hira Gasy Popular Theatre in Madagascar

Poverty in Burkina Faso: Representations & Realities
Prehistoric Cypriot Skulls
Red-Dressed Zionists
Religion and Rajput Women

Runes in Sweden

Slaughtered Camel: Coping with Fictitious Descent
Among the Hubeer of Southern Somalia

Slavonic Parchment Fragments in Sweden

Society and Ideology in India
Stirring Life: Women's Paths & Places among the Kasena of Northern Ghana
System & Repertoire in Sakata Medicine

To Make Do in the City: Social Identities & Cultural
Transformations among Aymara Speakers in La Paz

Un/Selfish Leader: Changing Notions in a Tamil Nadu Village

Vadi into Vanniyalatto: Transformation of Images of the Lankan Vaddo

We Are Like Chameleons: Changing Mediascapes, Cultural Identities & City Sisters in Dar es Salaam